What You Need to Know About Marijuana

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Ever since World War I, many nations have been criminalizing various naturally occurring substances. Due to such measures by governments and other influential organizations like the FDA, cannabis keeps on facing a hard time becoming accepted for its various beneficial capabilities worldwide.

Currently, numerous nations are decriminalizing marijuana because of publicly available scientific evidence. As more studies are ongoing, many people are already making the most out of the decriminalization of marijuana. Cannabis users can get their products from online dispensaries or visiting a local marijuana dispensary in their neighborhood. If you are curious about trying cannabis, it is crucial that you learn a few details about the people who use it and why they do.


cannabisFor many years, people used cannabis plants and strains as medicine and helped others experience euphoria. Documents suggest that the Chinese have the first recorded reference of the plant in a medical guide that dates back to around 3000-2700 B.C. Emperor Shen Nung is one of the known ancient practitioners who noted the usefulness of marijuana. Experts say that evidence suggests the use of medical cannabis spread from China to Korea, India, and then East Africa.
Religious people like Muslims, who did not consume alcohol, used cannabis for its intoxicating effects.

Criminalization and Decriminalization

Over the years, marijuana has been in use freely until the early years of the twentieth century. Pope Innocent VIII referred to the plant as an unholy sacrament and ordered a papal ban on medical cannabis. Around the ’70s, the laws surrounding cannabis were reexamined, but this led to more restrictions. Only until very late in the twentieth century did the modern world start witnessing the plant’s decriminalization.

Users and Enthusiasts

As the years keep going, people realize that some of the information we have regarding specific things is either flawed or intentionally kept from the public. The number of cannabis users and activities in various part s of the world keep on rising. The irony is that many of the activists and supporters do not use the plant. These are people who have either done the research or first-hand witnesses to the plant’s healing capabilities.


From the information above, it’s evident that the marijuana plant got a bad reputation as the society began to usher in the modern world. Luckily, technological advancements and science help people identify and validate the data we have on such plants.