Ultimate Guide to Buying a Wheeled Cooler


Buyers of wheeled coolers have different ways of choosing based on individual needs. Some buyers may share the same considerations if they are in similar unique situations. However, there are universal aspects that each wheeled cooler buyer must keep in mind. Below are expert guidelines on how to choose the best wheeled cooler from your favorite online store.

wheeled cooler Latches and Lids

The first thing to consider is the Latch and lid of the wheeled cooler. Latches and lids of the wheeled coolers must be easy to open and close. Hinged lids, on the other hand, can be heavy hence making the cooler to topple over whenever it is empty. Other coolers have pad-lockable latches which ensure the safety of your drinks in the cooler.

Cooler Terrain

Considering the terrain of the wheeled cooler is wise. A good cooler for a sand beach party is one that is streamlined. A car like cooler will move swiftly on the sand, gravel, and other abrasive terrains. When considering the terrain of the cooler, ensure you look at the size, shape, material and the ground surface.


Another thing to consider is the drainage of the wheeled cooler. A quality cooler should have a good drain plug that lets you drain the melted ice from the cooler without having to upsidedown it. A good drainage system will help you drain excess ice and water even when the drinks are stored in the cooler. Bungs, plugs, and stoppers help to seal the coolers drain hole. They must be well-fitting and have a great retention ability to avoid getting lost easily. Choose a cooler that has a hose fitting that makes the drainage less messy.

Handle Height

Always buy a cooler with a handle with the best height. Always think about it and choose a handle that is either adjustable or sizable for various heights. When a taller person is going to buy a cooler for a child, he or she may make a poor choice when it comes to the height of the handle. Everybody who pushes the cooler around must have a certain amount of comfortability. Therefore, ensure the height is average for all users to push the cooler with easy without hurting the back and hands.

Dry Ice Capacity

When considering the capacity of a cooler make sure you reflect on your personal or group requirements. You should always know the amount of bulk you will need to store in the cooler and the number of people it will serve. The more you can fit in the cooler the, more the bulkiness of the wheeled cooler increases. If you are planning to travel with the cooler, ensure you consider the dimensions of the wheeled cooler before investing. Also, ensure that the cooler can accommodate various bottle sizes.

cooler with wheelsInsulation

Insulation is also an important factor when buying any type of cooler. Buy a cooler with less jostling to reduce friction and heat in general. A good cooler should have the ability to maintain the state of the ice for a long period. Choose a wheeled cooler that contains at least 2 inches of foam insulation. The lid should be enhanced with quality and tight gasket to keep the condition constant in the cooler.